“Admiral met the fence perfectly. He rose to it as if flight were not only for birds.

And he fell.”

Alan York’s friend, Major Bill Davidson, was riding Admiral; he was taken to hospital in serious condition. Davidson died in hospital that evening.

After the race, York returned to the fence where Admiral fell. He found a coil of wire lying beside the fence post. He found marks on the posts, two feet above the fence, where the wire had been attached.

That made it murder.

York discovered that a fleet of radio-equipped taxis from Brighton were involved, not only in fixing races, but also in a protection racket.

But who was behind the ‘Marconicars’?

Alan York, 24, is single, from Southern Rhodesia. Besides being an amateur steeplechase jockey who owns his own horses, York is his father’s representative at his trading company’s London office.

“My son is Sherlock Holmes reincarnated, didn’t you know?” he said. “After he went to England I had to employ a detective to do the work he used to do in connexion with frauds and swindles.”

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